A list of Hannah Rousselot’s most recent publications.

Fragments of You

Her first book, Fragments of You details Rousselot’s first experience falling in love and the grief she felt after her passing. Dedicated to Emma Rose Coleman, without whom this book would not have been possible.

Kissing Dynamite

I’m learning to be alone, slowly was featured in Kissing Dynamite’s Serenity zine.

Parentheses Journal

Run Down can be found in Issue 3 of Parentheses Journal.

The Blue Nib

Read Recognition and The Dead Sea is the Lowest Place on Earth on The Blue Nib’s website.

Short Edition

Whispers from the Sand can be found on Short Edition’s online home.

Dirty Girls Magazine

Read Modern Witch in the inaugural issue of Dirty Girls Magazine.

The Sixty-Four

Rousselot’s poems Moonstruck and Beginning of Summer are featured in Black Mountain Press’ anthology.

The McNeese Review

Vacation was chosen for Issue 56 and is it too tender to kiss was featured at their online home, Boudin.

The Broadkill Review

By the Lake, What I am Told, and Earthquake were featured on The Broadkill Review. By the Lake was nominated for Best of the Net 2019.

Yellow Arrow Publishing

displaced was featured in Yellow Arrow Publishing’s HOME Issue.

Bindweed Magazine

Read Bindweed’s Devil’s Guts anthology to find the poem Conversion.

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